About Me

Purveyor of dance grooves and lounge vibes.

"Do I really have to write a bio?" It's the question that crosses the mind of every DJ, or any artist of any type, that is creating a website to showcase themselves. I can stand in front of a crowd of any size with my soul laid bare through my music with nary a flutter of nerves but ask me to write about myself or my accomplishments and I dread the task.

So... Where to begin? I have been spinning music professionally in Saskatoon, SK for over 12 years starting with weddings and private parties before moving on to clubs, lounges, and festivals. I have played venues and events of every size and have considered myself at various points everything from a hip-hop DJ to a Techno DJ. These days I try to avoid labels, I am simply a DJ. It is not the genre that's important it's the music itself and constraining yourself to this genre or that limits possibilities.

I DJ because I love music and I love sharing it with other people. I cannot listen to music without moving in time to the beat and I want to play music that drives other people to move. I don't believe in the use of gimmicks and attempt to avoid the politics of the scene, all I want to do is play music.

“For me, it’s about music that moves people. Music should drive you to tap your feet, nod your head, or move your body without you being able to help it.“ - Nick James

Top 5

  1. ZHU - Testarossa Music
  2. Rudimental - Rumour Mill
  3. Croatia Squad - Milking
  4. Elekfantz - Diggin on You
  5. Sonic Future - Move Your Hips


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